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I’m laughing so hard……………………..ppl are SO pressed to shit on Taylor Swift

Anonymous: do you think taylor was "appropriating black culture" idk i mean she wasn't the director ya know? i was just wondering what you thought bc i'm white so i feel like i don't have a right to defend her


this is literally the only message im going to answer about taylor because you people keep sending them and its really annoying. i am going to be 100% honest with you all: i do not care. i keep posting about ferguson because its important i post about mike brown because its important i am so sorry but i do not care about this. i understand theres uproar because there were black women cast for the twerkers but none for the ballerinas. yes she/whoever was in charge of casting couldve easily had a beautiful dark skinned ballerina thrown in there just like they had some white twerkers thrown in. this is very true. but i dont think shes appropriating anything. when i think of “appropriating twerkers” literally the first thing that comes to mind is miley’s we can’t stop video and honestly taylors video had black people throughout (instead of only for the part that required bootyshaking). there are black people cheerleading. a black ribbon dancer. black people playing instruments. black extras. black interpretive dancers. black hip-hop dancers. a black backup singer. black people are displaying their talents THROUGHOUT the video yet people are only focusing on the twerking?? btw there were only like 3 black women twerking out of 6??? the rest were other ethnicities? if there were ONLY white girls twerking you all would be complaining like “WOW WHY ARE THERE ONLY WHITE GIRLS TWERKING THIS IS A BLACK DANCE” but no you’ve found this to complain about what the hell oh my god please leave this alone and stop sending me message about it i love the song and i think you’re all overreacting this is literally so unimportant to me bye

Taylor Swift - “Shake it Off” Official Music Video

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I’m gonna just do you if that’s ok

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rip to all the songs that are doing well on the charts right now

rip to all the songs of the summer that have been successful for a long time

rip to all the songs of the artists that started to get comfortable with their #1 songs

taylor swift is releasing her single on the 18th and you will be gone and probably forgotten too

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What is wrong with me

I’m sitting at home on a Saturday night alone watching a Katerine Heigl movie,

Is this rock bottom?

"I let it go. It’s like swimming against the current. It exhausts you. After a while, whoever you are, you just have to let go, and the river brings you home."

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Cluuuuue number twooooo…..

The poloroid is looking away from the camera, the cat is looking away from the camera. At least one song is about her shy pussy. #myguess

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