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wonderstruck; - i live in this bubble

i live in this bubble

it may not be so bad considering it led to being sheltered from an over conservative america.

i’d say pretty much all my life has been a carousel of open minded/accepting/wonderful individuals regarding someone’s sexuality. 

coming out to friends, easy

coming out to family, easy

both groups with welcoming arms and not a change in perspective in who i was before they received confirmation. 

i live in this world where holding my boyfriends hand down the street is as normal as walking my dog. (my world consists of my own imagination) i forget the taboo still lingers in others. 

i’ve never been ashamed of who i was nor have i ever felt the need to stand anywhere but prideful. 

i had my first experience with complete ignorance at Doheny beach, i stood up for myself and my boyfriend.

i held my boyfriends hand, sitting on his board, drying off from surfing.

this lady, probably in her mid 50’s, badly done perm and dye job, approaches us

"you should really consider what you guys are doing, there are children around, what you’re doing is inappropriate"

 i am a very confrontational person, first i thought .. “wow this walking corpse has the audacity to interrupt our romantic sunset on the beach?!” & “and wow she must be really confident sporting a 2 piece with the body of a melted ice cream cone.”

i knew cocky immature remarks would be stooping to her level but i immediately reacted and responded

"excuse me? we are not doing anything inappropriate. if your homophobia can’t take the sight of us, you’re more than welcome to walk away."

she was taken back, i guess she didn’t expect me to react.

hell the fuck no, my boyfriend is slowly gaining the courage to feel so open with his own sexuality, i was not going to let some pathetic small minded individual ruin his progress. 

the great thing was..

it didn’t ruin our day, in fact.. when she saw we didn’t change position, she walked away. 


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